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Author: James Lake
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This guide is broken up into mini-lessons.  The first one is the longest at 9 pages.
The rest are typically a few pages long, covering a single subject.

The typical lesson should take about ten minutes to complete, including interaction with the live system.

A good practice will be to open the Create List module on the Training server, read over the lesson, then try out the ideas of the lesson on the system.

Any feedback to improve the content of this guide would be greatly appreciated.  Please excuse the small issues (extra white space, punctuation, and dead links).  PDFs are difficult to edit!

NOTE: Naming Convention required for Lists

Start the list title with a date no more than two months from now, after which your list may be deleted.

EXAMPLE: “07-30 Circulation Bib Records”

Please save your search if you wish to revisit a list beyond two months and recreate the list as needed.  If you only need the list for a week, put in the date one week from now.  This will help keep the maximum number of lists free for all to use.

Please contact the Systems Office if you have special needs to keep a specific list beyond two months.

  1. Create List Overview
  2. Creating a New Review File
  3. Specifying Search Criteria
  4. Setting a Range for a Search
  5. Create a Search String
  6. Choose a Boolean Condition
  7. Specifying Additional Search Terms
  8. Use Existing Search
  9. Retrieve Saved Query
  10. Saving the Current Search Strategy
  11. Controlling Your Search
  12. Show Records in a Review File
  13. Adding an Individual Record
  14. Removing Records from a Review File
  15. Removing Duplicate Records from a Review File
  16. Appending Records to a Review File
  17. Merging Review Files
  18. Copying a Review File
  19. Emptying a Review File
  20. Renaming a Review File
  21. Show Info
  22. Saving Searches
  23. Reviewing Saved Searches
  24. Editing Saved Searches
  25. Deleting Saved Searches
  26. Sorting Records in a Review File
  27. Deleting Sort Criteria
  28. Listing the Records in a Review File
  29. Exporting the Records in a Review File
  30. The Law of One Hop
  31. Advanced Keyword Searches
  32. Examples Searching by Advanced Keyword Syntax
  33. Boolean Conditions
  34. Specifying a Condition Exist or Not Exist
  35. Specifying Data by MARC Tag

We’d like to thank Stephanie Zimmerman and the staff of the Library System of Lancaster County (Lancaster, PA) for creating this invaluable training guide.

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