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To include a bookplate in the OskiCat full display, the following information needs to be in the MARC record:

The 560 field should contain the text to appear in the bookplate and “[UCB Insert Bookplate]” which will trigger the insertion of the bookplate. If multiple 560s are added the text will be concatenated together into one book plate, so this is not recommended.  There is no sytem limit, but keep in mind the size and display of the book plate when deternining the amount of the text in the $a.





Bookplates are created at the time of display.  The text at the top of the bookplate is static and appears the same on all bookplates.  The bottom text is defined by the text in the 560.

If Libraries want this 560 inserted in a number of records, LAP can do this programmatically. It can be added based on any search criteria to pull the records together, for example, by Fund, a list of record numbers, etc,  LAP can help determine this criteria. Requests should include the search criteria and what should appear at the bottom of the bookplate and submitted via the Millennium Help Desk Form.

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