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Billed not paid items are checked out and checked out items must NOT be withdrawn.  Since these cannot be withdrawn, “pseudo-withdrawal” (batch suppression) is performed quarterly to allow correct handling of these items in OskiCat, Melvyl, and with regards to Melvyl Request/ILL. This will occur 12-15 months after the overdue date of the item, on the same quarterly schedule as the batch withdrawal of missing and billed and paid items (March 1, June 1, Sept 1, Dec 1). The query will select items with a status of “n” Billed Not Paid and an overdue date of 12 months previous or greater to suppress.

Systems will run a job to remove these items from public OskiCat and Melvyl if appropriate. At this point this job will only modify records not in NRLF. A plan for handling Items billed and not paid which were in storage at NRLF is being developed.

Systems will

  1. Select campus items with status Billed and Not Paid (“n”) which have a bill date (ie overdue date) of over one year ago (as long as the location does not start with n*). Query: RFR Quarterly: Billed NOT Paid
  2. Suppress item (icode2 = n)
  3. Add a note specifying that this item was suppressed due to having been billed but not paid, so changing the status to withdrawn is not possible.  This note has the form:%date Pseudo-withdrawal due to status billed not paid. [initials]
  4. Add a message field to the item “GIVE TO SUPERVISOR: Billed not paid reinstated item.” to make it easier for circulation staff to identify these items for reinstatement when returned.
  5. Verify that a Label Location exists and add one if it does not, so the original location is retained.
  6. Change the location of the item to zw (or zwg/zwt), as would happen with withdrawal.
  7. Items with holds or on bibs with bib holds will be sent to holds@lists for resolution of holds.
  8. Refer items linked to unsuppressed holdings records to the appropriate cataloging unit (details here) to update the holdings record according to the withdrawal procedure.
  9. The regular weekly jobs will suppress the bib/cancel holdings in OCLC if there are no other active locations on the record and no holdings attached.

Items which are returned after the suppression is complete can be identified at circulation by the GIVE TO SUPERVISOR message field, and by the fact that they will go in transit to zw when they are checked in (and if they are missed at this stage, they will be on the available/suppressed report).  Units can restore the location and remove the psuedo-withdrawal note to reinstate the item, but must also view/public display or check the bib bcode3 value to determine if the bib record needs to be unsuppressed.  If it does, units can add the “withdrawn then found” note according to this procedure to trigger the bib to be unsuppressed the following Friday morning, which will also restore OCLC holdings.

Details on bib suppression

Details on OCLC holdings removal

Note: editing instructions as part of the refer for replacement process are here

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Author: Mark Marrow
Approval Group: PSC, CSG, Collections Council
Update Group: Integrated Library System Steering Committee
Last updated date: 01/31/13

Archived Comments

The first time this will
Fri, 10/19/2012 – 12:14 — Charis Takaro
The first time this will happen is Dec 1 2012, and it will be quarterly going forward. Document edited to reflect PSC decision on timing.
From PSC 10/11/2012
Fri, 10/12/2012 – 09:20 — Matthew Prutsman
After discussion we agreed that we prefer to follow the RFR cycle for billed not paid items rather than wait five years to suppress those items. By our calculations this would give those items around a year before suppression, and we understand that items can be unsuppressed if they are later found/returned. We recommend that the Systems staff who work with the steps of the billed-not-paid process make the final decision about when this step is handled (such as one month after the billed-not-paid report is run, two months after, etc).

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