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Batch withdrawal for missing/billed campus items – MAY NOT be done for NRLF items. These procedures may be adapted for other campus withdrawal projects.

This procedure describes the steps taken by Systems to withdraw items in batch. This is being done quarterly for items that are referred for replacement, referred for order, and billed and paid. This procedure may be used for special projects for other libraries as well.

  • Select any items from the Missing 3 Months+ report and Billed & Paid report generated two months ago or older for record updates. Note that items “age” in the RFR status for three months before appearing on the list, then two months are allowed for the selector/editor process to complete:
    • Items added to the missing/billed paid list on or before October 1, withdrawn with script run on December 1
    • Items added to the missing/billed paid list on or before January 1, withdrawn with script run on March 1
    • Items added to the missing/billed paid list on or before April 1, withdrawn with script run on June 1
    • Items added to the missing/billed paid list on or before July 1, withdrawn with script run on September 1
  • Also select any items that are status “c” regardless of date (status “c” is an indication the selector has reviewed the item, so using the date to verify it has appeared on a list is unnecessary)

Sample Query:

((ITEM  Status  equal to  “f”    AND ITEM  Internal Note  between  “refd2selector 20090501″and “refd2selector [date****]”)    OR ITEM  Status  equal to  “c”    OR ITEM  Status  equal to  “$”)    AND (ITEM  Location  between  “ag   “and “muz ”    OR ITEM  Location  between  “oa “and “zz   “)

[Saved search LSO RFR quarterly: billed/paid missing. DATE: query run for June 1 uses Jan 1, query run for Sep. 1st uses April 1, query run for Dec. 1st uses July 1st, query run for Mar 1st uses  Oct1st] Five months is used because records are given three months to “age” before being added to the lists, then selectors/editors have two months to process.

Any billed and paid since the date of the last report 60+ days previous (ie, July 1st payment date or later for the Sept. 1st processing) need to be removed as selectors have not yet had a chance to review them.  This is done based on the system supplied date in the internal note in the item.

  • Items that have item holds or are on bibs with bib holds will be referred to holds@lists (circ holds team) to resolve (move or cancel, or retain the hold). Items with holds will be withdrawn. Holds should be resolved within a few days following the withdrawal.
  • Verify no NRLF records were included (item location “n*”)
  • Check to make sure all item records that are to be withdrawn have a Label Location, if not, add Label Loc for the location item is being withdrawn from. Once withdrawal is complete Label Location is how staff know what unit used to hold this item.
  • Immediately before the actual withdrawal, double check that none are checked out and all are status f, c or $.
  • Update Status to “w” (Withdrawn)
  • Update ICode 2 to “n” (Suppress).
  • Change location to “zw” (Withdrawn). (or zwt for ITSL, zwg for IGSL)
  • Add an internal note in this form:
    Internal Note: “[%date] wd missing syxx”
  • Bib suppression (if no active orders, items or holdings remain) will happen the following weekend, with OCLC holdings canceled after that. Details can be found here: Batch Bib Record Suppression and Unsuppression
  • Search for unsuppressed holdings linked to these items, export a list (BibLvl ITEM RECORD # HOLDINGS RECORD # BARCODE CALL # VOLUME ) to send to Bancroft, EAL, Affiliated Libraries, or the Catalog Dept for all other locations, for manual withdrawal. Systems will withdraw the items linked to these holdings, only the holdings work gets done manually. This makes it possible to batch withdrawn items linked sets/analytics as those likely to need manual attention have holdings on at least one of the associated records and if they do not, they are safe to batch withdraw. NOTE: gather unsuppressed holdings attached to items being withdrawn, dedup, gather items attached to those holdings that contain the withdrawal note, sort by label location, and then use saved export LSO_Holdings_Manual_Withdrawal

When doing batch withdrawal, these elements of the manual withdrawal procedure can not be done, and units who request batch withdrawal for projects should be informed:

  1. Holdings can’t be withdrawn by the batch process – the list of unsuppressed holdings needing manual withdrawal needs to be refered to the unit. Closing of serial records in conjunction with full withdrawal also needs to be done manually by the unit.
  2. Accompanying material shelved together can’t be withdrawn.
  3. Records with full text urls lacking an item record for location web can’t be identified and referred to eproblem@library – if the unit is interested in pursing this a list of records with urls can be provided.
  4. Analytics will be withdrawn instead of being referred to BadCat. However, any analytics that were withdrawn will come to the unit’s attention via the holdings record list for manual withdrawal (see 1 above).

More information on the Refer for Replacement process available here: Refer for Replacement

Withdrawal procedures for manual withdrawal are here: Withdrawal Procedures

Billed not paid items can not be withdrawn. Similar steps for batch suppression (pseudo-withdrawal) happen quarterly on the same schedule as withdrawal of items billed and paid or missing, details here.

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Author: Charis Takaro
Approval Group: ILSSC
Update Group: Integrated Library System Steering Committee
Last updated date: 01/31/13

Archived Comments

Thu, 08/30/2012 – 08:37 — Charis Takaro
Clarified dates to verify we want to select items put into the RFR state 5 mo previous

Changes to withdraw status
Thu, 01/19/2012 – 11:39 — Charis Takaro
Changes to withdraw status “c” regardless of date, and to include more locations

Minor adjustments per Dupuis:
Tue, 11/29/2011 – 17:30 — Charis Takaro
Minor adjustments per Dupuis: lifting restrition on holds resolution prior to withdrawal, clarifying date of payment to exclude item from withdrawal for billed and paid ($), etc.

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Last revised: November 7, 2016
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