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How to Distinguish Between a UCB Circulation Barcode and an NRLF Barcode

Berkeley barcode numbers start with a “C” or a “B” followed by nine numbers (no spaces). LBL barcodes for migrated items contain 3 alphabetic characters followed by 3 numbers.

For example:

C104078925 (Berkeley)
ACS637 (LBL)

Also, the physical barcode label has “U.C. Berkeley Libraries” printed at the top.

  1. The physical NRLF barcode label has “UC-NRLF” printed at the top.Regarding NRLF barcode numbers, NRLF has about 30 different barcode series, distinguishable by the first (and sometimes first and second) leading character(s).  Each series consists of one or two leading alphabetic characters followed by one to seven numeric characters.

Some series have a leading “$” in front of the first alphabetic character.  Numbers are not padded left with zeros (like some Berkeleybarcode numbers).  There are no spaces between alphabetic characters or “$” and alphabetic.  There is a single space between the alphabetic character and the first numeric character.  In numbers of four digits or more, single spaces occur where commas would normally be placed (e.g., 8 361 or 5 286 073).

The most common series are those with leading characters A, B, C, or D (or $A, $B, $C, or $D); these are assigned to regular collections items (mostly volumes) housed on standard shelving.

For example:

C 2 559 160
$B 156 683

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