Available/Suppressed Report

Author: Lisa Weber
Posted in: BTech


An item will appear on this report when it has a Status of ‘-’ (AVAILABLE), but the item record is suppressed.  This may indicate that an item was improperly withdrawn, or that an item withdrawn from the collection was later returned.  Units should review all items on these reports and search for any that are not intentionally suppressed (“Use Study” items, etc.).

1. If the item is found, verify that all physical item information matches the item record data, then change its Item Code 2 to ‘-’.

2. If the item is not found, change its Item Code 2 to ‘-’ and its Status to ‘m’ (ON SEARCH).  This will put it into the search workflow, where it will eventually be referred to the selector (and possibly withdrawn) if it is not found.

Either of these actions will update the record in such a way that the item will not appear on the next run of the report.

Legacy Data

Author: Lisa Weber
Approval Group: CSG, BTech
Approved CSG: 06/16/2011
Update Group: BTech
Last updated date: 10/11/12

Created: April 26, 2016
Last revised: October 21, 2016
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