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If you’re adding new documents to AskTico, please follow these instructions:

AskTico contains Library-wide and unit-specific procedures and documentation related to Millennium.

To contribute, you must first have an account and be logged in.  To get an account, contact Jim Lake (  He can also provide training in the use of the WordPress system used by Asktico.

Please note, in the WordPress editing window, you should select a category which reflects which group or council will take responsibility for the document updates (Systems, Acquisition, Cataloging & Metadata Council, etc).

Before adding new documentation, it is best to bring the idea for the document to the appropriate council and to search by various keywords to ensure the content of the proposed document is not already covered in the repository.

Legacy Data
Last updated date: 01/09/17
Author:C. Takaro
Responsible for Updates: ILS Steering Committee

Created: May 13, 2016
Last revised: January 10, 2017
Review date: None set

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