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9xx local field use
Accepting replacement copies
Accompanying Material Cataloging and Processing for Monographic Materials
Acquisitions: Creating Brief Bibliographic Records and Order Records
Acquisitions: Millennium Fund Reports
Acquisitions: Order Records Fixed-Length Fields
Acquisitions: Order Records Variable-Length Fields
Acquisitions: Replacement Orders
Active titles – Depositing ALL currently held volumes – Comes bound
Active titles – Depositing ALL currently held volumes – Current periodicals
Active titles – Depositing ALL remaining currently held volumes – Comes bound
Active titles – Depositing ALL remaining currently held volumes – Current periodicals
Active titles – Depositing PORTION of currently held volumes – Comes bound
Active titles – Depositing PORTION of currently held volumes – Current periodicals
Active titles – Depositing PORTION of remaining currently held volumes – Comes bound/treated as comes bound
Active titles – Depositing PORTION of remaining currently held volumes – Current periodicals
Adding Fines in Millennium
Analytic Cataloging Procedures
Analytic Cataloging Procedures for Multi-Volume Monographs
Art History/Classics OskiCat Search Procedures
Asktico: How to contribute documentation
Asktico: How to Create and Edit Documents
Asktico: Log In
At Bindery Report
Available/Suppressed Report
Bancroft Electronic Resources Cataloging
Bancroft Holdings Records for Manuscript Collections Deposited at NRLF
Barcode types
Batch bib record suppression and unsuppression
Batch withdrawal
Bcode3 use
Bibliographic Field Use For Electronic Resources and Special Collections
Bibliographic Variable Length Field Tagging
Billed not Paid suppression
Billing Broadsheet
Bookplates for OskiCat
Call Number Formatting in OCLC And Millennium
Call Number Tags and Indexes in Millennium
CAT DATE - how to update, why it matters
Catalog & Metadata Services Tools & Documentation A-Z List
Cataloging & Metadata Council Documentation Review
Cataloging Bound-With Monographs
Cataloging Print and Microform Reproductions
Cataloging Unit Contact List
Cataloging Workflow for Materials with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Scripts
Checking for analytics
Checking for analytics in holdings
Checking for analytics in items
Checking for duplicates at NRLF/SRLF
Chinese Gazetteers Cataloging Procedures
Claims Returned procedure
Copy-Specific Information in Millennium
Course reserves item types
Create Lists
Create Lists 006 map
Create Lists 007 map
Create Lists 008 map
Create Lists Training Materials
Date substitution in Millennium
Deletion: Bibliographic record
Deletion: holdings record
Deletion: item record
Diacritics in Millennium
Disposal of withdrawn materials
Doe/Moffitt Circulation Holdshelf Maintenance
Downloading Web Management Reports
Duplicate item barcodes
Duplicate OCLC numbers: Pointers for catalogers to help prevent and resolve them
Electronic Resource Unit - adding of 856 fields
Exact Match Monograph Replacement
Example Scenarios
Exporting Millennium Bibliographic Records for Editing/Uploading in OCLC Connexion
Flags and Forms
Freeing busy records
Holdings Maintenance for Sets Split between Campus and NRLF
Holdings Records Best-Practices Input Guide
Holds and OskiCat Request
Holds transfer
Identity field and OPAC notes
In Process Report
In Repair Report
Inactive titles – Depositing ALL remaining volumes
Inactive titles – Depositing PORTION of remaining volumes
Indexing rules
Instruction sheet for Baker RLCP hold items
Instructions for downloading and viewing Daily and Monthly Circulation Reports
Item Records: Fixed Length Fields
Item Records: Variable Length Fields
Item Records: When and How To Use Them
Item type
Label location list
Labeling in the Millennium Client
LBL use of OskiCat/Millennium
Library Book Scanning Process For Users With Print Disabilities - Circulating Material, Including Interlibrary Loan (Not Berkeley Owned)
Library Book Scanning Process For Users With Print Disabilities - Reference and Reserve Materials
Limited Circulation Item Guide
Linking Items to Holdings
Location codes
Location WEB - how and why it works
Login Stat Groups/Terminal numbers
Lost in transit item tracking
Macros: how to create and use
MARC Fields Needed in OCLC to Create Item and Holdings Records upon Export to Millennium
MARC Organization Codes for UC Berkeley
Mark as lost (so patron can pay)
Millennium Bibliographic Record Overlay
Millennium Character Map Code Tables
Millennium Circulation Tutorials
Millennium Keyboard shortcuts
Millennium password rules
Millennium record templates
Modify Groups of items
Monographs: Additional copies added at subject-specialty libraries
New Deposits –Inactive titles –Depositing ALL holdings
New Deposits –Inactive titles –Depositing PORTION of set
Notes for Analytics in Millennium
Notices during winter closure
NRLF Pulling and Processing Guidelines
OCLC 956 Cataloger’s Initials/Cataloging Date
OCLC Connexion export settings
OCLC holdings: setting holdings in batch
OCLC overlay field protection
OCLC sending: what records are sent
OCLC-Millennium synchronization
Oki Microline 690 - Millennium settings - Labels and Slips
On the fly record creation (for checkout)
On the fly record creation (to send to Cataloging & Metadata Services)
On-the-fly Report
Overriding Holds
Paging Procedures
Patron barcode search retrieves a list
Patron Codes
Patron Type
Patrons who have proxy server access
Persistence Replacement Request Form
Physical processing of withdrawals
Placing Staff Holds on Behalf of a Patron
Print Date Due Slips guide
Processing New U.S. Congressional Hearings for NRLF
QuickStart Guide to Holdings and Items
Reasons for withdrawal
Reducing rejects of monographs at NRLF; or When things bounce at NRLF
Refer for replacement overview: missing and billed items
Refer for replacement: Billed not paid
Refer for replacement: Missing/billed and paid
Refer for Replacement: NRLF materials
Refer for replacement: unit designee Billed not paid
Refer for replacement: unit designee missing/bill paid
Reinstating withdrawn items
Relator Terms and Relator Codes in Millennium
Removing items from the stacks for library business
Reserves: Creating new bib and item records
Reserves: permanent
Reserves: putting items on reserve
Reserves: taking items off reserve
Return Receipts
SCP: Identifying and working with SCP bibliographic records
Search procedures
Sending items for cataloging elsewhere
Sending Monographic Materials to Cataloging & Metadata Services for cataloging
Serial title changes -- Serials Cataloging Unit procedures
Serials -- Claiming - Claiming Late Issues on the Card Tab
Serials -- Claiming - General Claiming Guidelines
Serials -- Claiming - Guidelines Cheat Sheet
Serials -- Claiming - Standard Claim Responses and Referrals Annotations Chart
Serials -- Closing Orders
Serials -- Closing Serial Holdings Records
Serials -- Holdings Standards for All OskiCat Libraries
Serials -- Identifying Successive Entry Changes
Serials -- Serial Action Guide
Serials -- Submitting New Gift/Comes On Titles Received Direct in SSL for Cataloging
Serials -- Submitting New Purchase Titles Received Direct in SSL for Cataloging
Serials -- Submitting Successive Entry Changes
Sets (Serials and Multi-Volume Monographs)
Sets with too many items to fit on one bib
Single Volume Monographs
Staff recalls
Statistical Call Number (SCAT) Table
Storage Editing Requirements
Suggested workflow for Building Use Only (BUO) and Restricted Materials at Circulation Desks
System Status Screen
test post
Tracing & Recalling Items Sent to Preservation (CONS/Status "IN REPAIR")
Transfer Procedures - Monographs
Transferring order records from uncataloged bibliographic records
UC Press Restricted Use Material held at NRLF
Universal Return – Affiliate Libraries: Delivery Process
Universal Return Instructions
Universal Return Statistics Sheets
Unlinked analytics at NRLF (workaround)
Use MOVE button to control item order
Using Millennium's Count Use Mode
Vernacular parallel script standards
Viewing Count Use Circulation Reports
Viewing Past Fines in Millennium
Waiving Fines in Millennium
When a Non-owning Unit Receives a Wet Book
Wireless TriCoder operation (Portable Barcode Scanner)
Withdrawal of a set (complete)
Withdrawal of a set (partial)
Withdrawal of a single volume monograph
Withdrawal Procedures
Withdrawal Procedures: Withdrawal notes
Withdrawing material accompanying and shelved with single-volume monographs (MAIN)
Withdrawing material accompanying serials and MVMs
Withdrawing material accompanying single-volume monographs shelved separately (Many Subject Specialty Libraries)
Withdrawing: holds/checkouts
Withdrawn location codes