Adding Fines in Millennium

Author: Jennifer Osgood
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Adding Fines to a Patron Account in Millennium

Other fine module documentation may be found at Waiving Fines and Viewing Past Fines in Millennium.

1.Open a patron’s record and click the Fines tab.

2. Click the “Add Charge” button.

3. Click the down arrow on the drop down menu to select a predefined type of fine.

Do not delete the predefined text which automatically appears in the reason box. It is essential for the Library’s financial processing that notes in this box begin with the predefined text.

4. Add information describing the reason for the fine after the predefined text.

For example, to add a damage fine, click “Damaged Item,” then add descriptive text after the predefined text in the reason field to explain why the fine is being added.

For both “Damaged item” and “Binding fee,” please include information about the book (call number and barcode) in the reason field. If the binding charge is for a book replacement, please write this in the reason field.

Using text in the reason field to list which item the fine is for and what the fine is for is invaluable if a patron later wants to dispute a fine or clarify for which book the fine was assessed.

Here is an example of a note:

5. Verify the amount of the fine equals what the patron should be charged. You can change the amount of the predefined fine by clicking in the amount field shown above and changing the amount. This is particularly helpful for the “Damaged Item” fine type as the amount can vary.

6. After you have selected the correct type of fine and added the proper note, click OK to add the fine. Be sure the note listed for the fine is complete and accurate, as it cannot be modified after clicking OK.

The note details will appear in the “Fines” tab from the patron record.

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