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Adding to Existing Deposits – some volumes have been deposited previously by the owning location

Active titles – title is currently received

Note: If there is a check-in card on the holdings record for the title but no further issues are expected to be received, this is not an active title; owning location staff first must close the record according to the procedure “Closing Serial Holdings Records,” then proceed with the instructions for Inactive titles in Section II.A.

Depositing PORTION of remaining currently held volumes– some bound/encased volumes will remain on campus; in the future, further volumes may or may not be deposited

Current periodicals – bindable unit consists of multiple issues

Owning location tasks (after pulling volumes from campus shelves):

Item records:  (use “Modify Group” function for these edits)

  • set Status to STORAGE PREP

Holdings record:

  1. if the record contains a PD Shelving Note with the text “Some volumes stored off campus; see NRLF holdings below”, first clean up the record:
  2. edit the Holdings field (866) to show only volumes currently on campus
  3. delete the PD Shelving Note
  4. For more information, see the procedure “Holdings Maintenance for Sets Split between Campus and NRLF.”
  5. add a Misc Internal Note (r) in the form:  %date  v.[N-NN] pulled for NRLF [initials] e.g.  20100526 v.1(1980)-21(2000) pulled for NRLF tstp
  6. edit the Holdings field (866) to show only volumes remaining on campus, i.e. remove volumes being deposited
  7. on the check-in card, suppress or delete boxes for volumes being deposited (DO NOT delete the entire card!)
  8. if a “moving wall” (e.g. latest 5 years) of bound volumes will be retained on campus after bindable unit is received and bound, add this note using the field indicated below:  Latest 5 years bound kept on campus. Process oldest bound vol. for NRLF when latest vol. is bound
  9. use the Check Note (n) field if the receiving location is the same as the owning location
  10. use the Local Note (z) field if the receiving location is NOT the same as the owning location

NRLF tasks (after receiving volumes):

Item records:

  1. unlink from campus holdings record
  2. change campus location code to NRLF location code
  3. set Status to AVAILABLE
  4. edit Item Code 1 field
  5. add NRLF Note
  6. if necessary, change Item Message and OPAC Message fields for Building Use Only and Restricted items (if items are neither, set both values to – (dash))
  7. make any other changes as needed

NRLF holdings record:

  1. edit Holdings field (866) to include volumes deposited
  2. link item records for deposited items
  3. AFTER linking items to the holdings record, use the Move button if necessary to sort volumes in the correct order

Campus holdings record:

  • delete Misc. Int. Note

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Last revised: November 4, 2016
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