Acquisitions: Replacement Orders

Author: Mark Hemhauser
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This is an overview of the guidelines and procedures used by the Acquisitions Department Ordering Unit when processing replacement order requests from selectors.

Selector submits Replacement request to Ordering Unit:

  • Supply Excel file or individual orders on paper or via email
  • Include Bibliographic info, barcode or call number, fund, location, duplication/edition instructions, (optional) price limit, other notes as needed

Ordering Unit procedure:

  • Search for same edition, year, format, unless Selector indicates other edition
  • Hardback/paperback edition can be substituted if content is the same
  • US/UK editions can be substituted if content is the same
  • OP treatment “search” (OP=S) is a default because most replacements orders are OP
  • Selector can opt for photo/film replacement (e.g., serials) instead of searching for print
  • Assess available copies by price, condition and sometimes vendors. Unsuitability includes expensive, poor condition, ex-library, facsimile reprints or preowned copies

If suitable copy is located:

  • Check Millennium to verify the Item is missing
  • Check for possible duplicate copies or previous replacement order
  • Consult Moffitt selector for possible transfers from Moffitt to Main
  • Create Order record and place order
  • Order is successful if filled, paid and cataloged
  • If order fails, repeat procedure to search for another suitable copy

If suitable copy is not located:

  • Conduct additional searches within a reasonable timeframe for a suitable copy
  • Consult selector about acquiring unsuitable copies
  • Refer request to Preservation for Photo/Film replacement if requested
  • Send request back to Selector as unfillable
  • Drop request per Selector decision

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