Acquisitions: Millennium Fund Reports

Author: Mark Hemhauser
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Selectors have access to Fund Reports through the Millennium Client and on the Library web including the fund code and latest Appropriation, Expenditure, Encumbrance, Free Balance and Cash Balance totals.

Login to Millennium client using View/Only access:

  •  Click Fund mode button on the left to display list of all funds
  •  Click the radio button to close list of all funds
  •  Click the radio button to open Hierarchies (groups of funds collected in a report)
  •  Click a Hierarchy to open sublevels
  •  Click Hierarchy or sublevel to display funds on the right side

1 = All funds by chartstring
2 = All 19942 funds
3 = All non-19942 funds
4 = Selector Names
5 = AUL Collections
6 = All Funds by Subject
7 = Digital Funding
8 to 12 = Subject Groupings for AUL & Central, Arts & Humanities, International & Area Studies, Sciences, and Social Sciences
54 additional separate reports by Subject Area include the same data as Report 6

View fund report in Millennium:

  •  Click in report hierarchy
  •  Top level of Hierarchy appears on the right
  •  Click Report
  •  Leave Detail report box clicked to retrieve all sublevels
  •  Unclick Detail report to indicate how many levels to view
  •  Enter Report Header if desired (the Hierarchy name always prints)
  •  Click Start to display fund data

Printing fund report from Millennium

  •  File, Select Printer, Standard Printer, Local printer
  •  Under Format, select Graphic
  •  Under Page Setup, set left/right margins at 15mm each
  •  Run report, Click print

Copy fund report from Millennium into Excel:

  •  With report results on screen, click anywhere in the right side window
  •  Control+A to select all data, only some lines will be highlighted but all data is captured
  •  Control+C to copy all selected data
  •  Click into worksheet in Excel
  •  Control+V to paste all data into Excel
  •  Expand column width as needed to view all data.

All reports are archived on the “Millennium and Innopac Financial Reports, General Information, Data, and Links” webpage:
Fund Activity Report – these reports are emailed to selectors after each posting.
Weekly Financial Report (discontinued in fy 2013-14) – combination of Reports 2 and 3
Monthly Financial Report – all 66 Reports
Year-End Financial Report – all 66 Reports

The fiscal close process archives the final Financial Report until fiscal close the following year.

Files prior to FY2009/2010 were archived as text documents.  Beginning in FY2009/2010 fund reports are in Excel.  The total lines do not contain formulas, just data, so if a file is saved and data lines are changed the totals will be incorrect.

A list of Fund Codes, selector name and chartstring is on the web and updated periodically.

To search archived reports click on Search Fund Account Report.

Select fiscal year
Enter keyword or number

Legacy Data

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