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Author: Judith Weeks
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Claiming Guidelines Cheat Sheet 

  • Make sure the parameters of the card are set correctly.  Also days before claim is set for 90 days domestic, 180 days foreign, 365 for do not claim titles.  Shorter days before claim if other claim limits apply.
  • Annotate boxes following standard phrases. See
  • Produce no more than 3 claims. If no response after 3 claims, make box unavailable and refer to selector for replacement decision.
  • Pay attention to claim limits. Don’t claim beyond a claim limit time line. Refer to selector for drop action or replacement decision.
  • Before claiming look at the order record. Did we pay for it? Don’t claim if we didn’t pay for it.  Refer to SerPay if order has lapsed.
  • Before claiming look at Order Type in order record. Comes on, Subscription, and Standing Orders all get claimed differently.
  • Make sure you are claiming something that has actually been published. Look at your checkin card and make sure the item you are claiming is legitimate. If it is a monographic series make sure it has actually been published, maybe it was a box for a combined issue that should have been deleted, etc.
  • Check vendor databases before reclaiming. EBSCO and Harrasowitz post claim responses on their databases. Before reclaiming anything from these vendors, check their database for any claim responses.
  • Claims must be made with in one year of being published. Don’t claim anything older than one year even for titles that don’t have clear claim limits. Refer to selector for drop action or replacement decision.  Exceptions are made for lapsed orders.  Exceptions made for gift titles.
  • Before placing a paper claim make sure the box you are claiming has all fields filled in. Don’t claim blank boxes, add issue numbers and cover dates before producing the claim so the information will print on the claim.
  • Lapsed titles should be properly claimed. “AND FOLLOWING ISSUES”.
  • When you produce a claim make sure the correct boxes are highlighted!
  • If you make a claim in error, please email to delete the claim from the claim que.


Standing orders we pay by the each.

Subscriptions we pay for by the year or volume.

Comes on records. All payments are on the parent record.

Child record


Parent Record

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